4 February, 2016

The Pillow Cinema – C.R.A. Porma 2016

A new collaborative period with the rural grouped schools in our area has begun. We work together each year, but […]
26 October, 2015

Mycology Autumn 2015: Learn about fungus and mushrooms

Led by biologist Arsenio Terrón Alfonso 26th and 28th October6 to 8Introduction to the study of fungusWe will analyze their […]
24 August, 2015

School of Rock

The workshop “School of Rock” gives the opportunity to learn the basics of Rock history, songwriting and instrument-playing. Children will […]
24 August, 2015

Workshop: In situ

Run by FCAYC’s Education and Pedagogy Department (Nadia Teixeira). During this workshop we will prepare an e-book, which will be […]