Upcoming Activities

6 October, 2012

Picking Mushrooms

During this day out will be talk about the best way to face a day of picking mushrooms for their […]
29 September, 2012
Taller cestería 2012 Fundación cerezales

Basketwork whorkshop

Taughted by Pablo Casares. The goal of this activity is to help the participants to become familiar with traditional wicker […]
27 August, 2012

Workshop: Interactive sensors – Control of audiovisual media, robotics and virtual instruments

Taught by Andrés Duarte. The main goal is the kids to experiment with different kinds of sensors such as: distance […]
20 August, 2012

Workshop: Territorio Archivo. Reading about our region

Taught by Chus Dominguez. Brainstorm and presentation of the works developed around the project Territorio Archivo.