Upcoming Activities

20 August, 2012

Workshop: Territorio Archivo. Reading about our region

Taught by Chus Dominguez. Brainstorm and presentation of the works developed around the project Territorio Archivo.
6 August, 2012

Workshop : Specialty Photography (III )

Taught by Amando Married professional photographer who develops its work in the fields of advertising, publishing, architecture, art, portrait, industry, […]
30 July, 2012

Workshop: Recycled stories, multimedia narratives

Taughted by Pilar Casado and Jose Luis González Macías, multidisciplinary creators who have developed many artistic projects in the field […]
23 July, 2012

Workshop: Walking Cinema. Rumors, stories and fictions in public spaces

Taughted by Clara Boj and Diego Díaz (lalalab.org) They work together since year 2000. Their work combines, art, science and […]