Upcoming Activities

18 July, 2012

We camp

Taughted by Foundation’s instructors and Nicole Marie Mendiola and Tara Coughlan. Games, swimming in the river, walkings, storytelling… everything in […]
9 July, 2012

Workshop: Playing with paper, creating with paper

Taughted by Alfredo Omaña We become familiar with this material, learning how to make it and manipulate it to play […]
3 July, 2012

Workshop: Introduction to Archaeology

Taught by Dr. Federico Bernaldo de Quiros Guidotti, Dra. Ana Neira Campos, teachers at Universidad of León and Dra. Raquel […]
2 July, 2012

“INICIA” 2012

“INICIA” Workshops for children from 3 to 5 years old at Fundación headquarters. Taught by Fundación’s instructors. A recreational approach for […]