Upcoming Activities

5 August, 2019

Looking up and down at the same time

Cirrus, strata, cumulus, … we will make a large cloud (cloud collection) painting with extracts and dyes of plants from […]
5 August, 2019

Onion, carrot, ashes and coffee. Natural dye workshop.

Introductory workshop to the techniques of natural dyes. We will use nearby products that we can find without difficulty in […]
2 August, 2019

Puppet workshop I: A rod-puppet!

We will build an articulated rod-puppet in linden wood, using simple tools. This rod-puppet will bring us closer to the […]
29 July, 2019

Inicia II: Listen (’19)

Our environment is full of sounds. The street, the countryside, our house, the school,… all of them have their own […]