• The school

    Foundation Cerezales Antonino y Cinia's main offices were inaugurated on 2009 after the restoration of the old school's building in the village of Cerezales del Condado (León, Spain). Originally, the building, which dates from the Spanish Republic period, was designed by architect Luis Aparicio Guisasola (year 1933). Surrounded by two playgrounds, the building had a central division, and each section served as a single-sex school. In the 50's, the school was forced to close down due to rural exodus, leaving the building abandoned. Children needed to travel to other villages to get an education. In the 80's, the village began to use the building again for different activities, but it was not before the creation of FCAYC that a refurbishment investment was made, which maintained its original structure but creating different spaces for performances, workshops and exhibitions.

    The school was then ceded to FCAYC for its activity, by an extendable and revisable contract. To guaranty that the village has a say in FCAYC's decisions, the local major is part of its board of trustees with full rights.

  • In process

    In the year 2011, FCAYC began to look for the best way to improve its equipment. This action is caused by several elements: a growing team; the consolidation of FCAYC's main lines of action; the organization of new series related to them; the trust gained when trying to create communities and workgroups to investigate, transfer and distribute certain knowledge and practices; an increase in the number of participants; and the public's avid interest in joining our work.

    After a phase of internal analysis, encouraging conversations with different teams and trying several approaches, FCAYC agrees to start working with architecture studio Alejandro Zaera Polo & Maider Llaguno. This agreement includes new facilities at an adjacent plot owned by FCAYC. These should be integrated in the village, and economically and energetically sustainable.

    On 9 April the building held its first public activity: Hamish Fulton's exhibition:Walking on and off the Path.