Primož Bizjak: Large format cameras and occupation of spaces during the night

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4 July, 2016 - 8 July, 2016
4 to 7 pm


Type of audience: Adultos


Cultura contemporánea

Primož Bizjak: Large format cameras and occupation of spaces during the night

4 July, 2016 - 8 July, 2016

Run by Primož Bizjak.

Primož Bizjak (1976, Slovenia) was introduced to the world of art through painting but soon,  the use of photography got his attention. A pictorial vision, together with a peculiar use of time –related to long exposure– is the fingerprint of his work, which seems to be suspended in a non-defined time, in a limbo between past and present. The poetics of colour, however, are confronted with the content of the image itself, whose protagonist is the “contemporary ruin”. This causes a confrontation between poetry and reality in the same piece of work. He has been connected to Venecia thanks to the years he spent studying at Fine Arts Academy. His works have been part of both personal and collective exhibitions and have travelled around Europe and outside its borders.

During this workshop, we will do a theoretical and practical workshop on photography and large format cameras. We are going to study, from the basics about the formation of an image until the development of a concept, a contemporary photographic project. We are sounding out the territory by tracing a map of those places that permit a temporal photographic occupation, in order to allow the blossoming of the colours of the night and hidden places. Consciousness and control of the large format camera that we are going to acquire during theory lessons, will find its individual and collective expression in day and night time walks focused on the work with space and light.

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