Blues Castellano. Cova Villegas & Delta Galgos

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25 July, 2020

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Blues Castellano. Cova Villegas & Delta Galgos

25 July, 2020

Based on one of the emblematic works of our Cervantes Prize, Antonio Gamoneda, the singer Cova Villegas and the musicians of the Delta Galgos duo (Gonzalo Ordás and Marcos Cachaldora), reveal the magical link between blues and poetry.

This show proposes to revert the source of inspiration of the poet to his original environment. The genius with which Gamoneda used the blues to create a slow and sad song, a cry for the black Francoist Spain, a mixture of chronicle and protest, is connected with the poetics of the blues itself: it was inspired by the rhythm and the tragic spirit of this music from the South, originally performed by African-American slaves, to capture the reality that surrounded them.

“We had the texts that referred, besides their content, rhythmically and structurally to the blues, we had Cova Villegas, a great singer of great versatility: who knows the jazz tradition, who plays blues, improvisation and many other types of music in her different formations; and, finally, a curious, energetic and delicate duo that treated this music as if it had always been their own, Delta Galgos. You just had to put them together. Their work was excellent Gamoneda’s willingness was absolute ”, says the poet Víctor M. Díez, who joined them together.

Photography: Vicente García



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