Upcoming Activities

9 June, 2017

Herbarium 2017

With the objective of sharing knowledge, experiences and materials generated since the first edition of the Herbarium series in 2013, […]
2 June, 2017

Understanding and respecting the geology of the territory

Una vez iniciado el ciclo GEA, con la geóloga Carmen Ortega, y como forma de complementar dicha formación, el Grupo […]
26 April, 2017

Mycology May 2017

In collaboration with Arsenio Terrón, this spring we will continue learning the diversity of mushrooms and fungi in our region. […]
28 December, 2016

Coderdojo León-Cerezales (Christmas 2016)

CoderDojo is a coding club for young people created in Ireland in 2011, that intends to teach children programming. Mentors, […]